My Story

Hello there!

My name is Chelsea. I’m an Air Force wife and mother to 2 boys and a girl. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have a deep love for the outdoors, and I’m a lefty crocheter. For me, there is nothing quite like settling down on the couch after the kids are in bed with a hook in my hand.

I went back and forth a lot with the idea of selling some of the stuff I’ve crocheted, and I finally came to the decision to do it! BUT.for a cause.

It all started with my sister. In March 2011 she had an emergency c-section. Her baby was life-flighted to a hospital about 1 hour away to receive the care she needed. When my sister was released from the hospital she immediately went down to be with her new little girl.

The place where she stayed while down there was a newly opened facility on the hospital property. The facility is for patients receiving critical care, and for family members of those who are in ICU, or in my sister’s case the NICU. My dad was able to secure a room at the Guest House so that my sister could recover and still visit with and tend to her newborn daughter. This property wasn’t available a mere half year ago. What a blessing it was to her!

Because of this experience I wanted to raise money to donate to the Guest House that she stayed at during her baby’s time in the hospital. It was such blessing to her and close family, and I know it’s been a blessing to many other people. (My in-laws for example.)

I was able to raise some money to donate to the guest house, and I have been able to raise funds for a couple other causes as well.

Raise $1,000 for Hospital Guest House: COMPLETE

Raise $1,200 for UFB: COMPLETE

Donate $500 to local soup kitchen: COMPLETE

Raise $1,000 for The ALS Association: COMPLETE

Raise funds for $2,150.00 so far

[For more information on my current cause check out the tab *My Cause*]