Monkeying Around

About a week and a half ago, I attended a baby shower for a lady who works with my husband. It was a diaper and wipes type of shower, but I decided to whip up a couple cute newborn hats to give as well.

The patterns for both of these hats can be found for free at Alli Crafts.

While I was at the shower a couple of other women who work with my husband started asking if I could make them hats. My business card was passed along and within a couple days I had some more orders.

Both of the ladies ordered monkey hats.

One wanted a sock monkey hat for a friend who is expecting.

And the other wanted a plain monkey hat for her future grandson.

Right now I’m sitting about half way to my goal of $1,000. Orders kept coming in even though I didn’t have an official “cause.” Hopefully I’ll be able to donate the funds to The ALS Association before the end of the year. That would be great!