From Bikes to Braille

When I first began this journey of raising money for the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired I had in mind that I was raising the funds needed to purchase a couple tandem bikes.

However, due to the nature of my business I didn’t have the funds until just recently, and UFB already had replacement tandem bikes.

I sent an email to Tony at UFB stating that I still intended to donate the money, but that they could use the funds for whatever they wanted. I received an email in reply that completely made my day.

I was a little down trodden that I wouldn’t be helping them get the bikes, but the email I received made me so grateful that I could still help. Tony informed me that they could use the donation to assist in their Braille literacy program. Currently only about 20% of the blind are literate using Braille. UFB is working hard to change that and give more blind people the opportunities that come through Braille literacy.

Tony shared a poem with me which Burgon wrote about Braille:

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking

Let your fingers do the talking.
Let them glide across the pages,
Of a book on great musicians,

Or perhaps the middle ages.
Let your fingers do the talking.
Let them take you on adventures.    
You can read about the rain forests,
And strange and exotic creatures.
Let your fingers do the talking.
Let them fly and let them sail.
You can go almost anywhere,
When you read a book in braille!

After reading this I was excited to assist in something so wonderful. I love reading, and have taken that opportunity and blessing for granted in my life. I have been on so many adventures and learned so many things, all through reading. That same opportunity can be given to the blind through Braille.
So on this journey I’ve gone “From Bikes to Braille” and I am so happy that I have!  
THANK YOU to everyone that has helped me by either ordering, donating or cheering me on!