Playing Catch Up

Well, I have been slacking in my duties of documenting all my orders. They are coming in faster than I have the will to post about them. Currently I have over $1,000 raised to donated to UFB for the tandem bikes. On their website they say that each one costs approximately $600 so I’m super close to having enough for 2 bikes. Woot!

A large chunk has come from selling patterns. Those are some of my favorite orders to fill. 🙂

I’ve received a couple large orders. One was to a photographer who bought a collection of Holiday hats.

 The other large order was for Halloween hats in an assortment of sizes.

The majority of my orders currently are for various Holiday hats. Mostly Thanksgiving and Christmas since Halloween is already only 2 weeks away!

These two hats are going to a pair of 6 year old twins!

 And these two are for a cute little toddler.

 This pumpkin hat was also included in the order above with the Rudolph and Frosty hat, but I finished it early and sent it off so they could do family pictures. I wanted to make sure it got there on time!

 Another order was for two pumpkins…
And this order was for a 3-6mo old. Probably going to be the cutest turkey and Rudolph around.
Other than the Holiday orders I’ve been getting a few others as well.
A cute penguin!

 A black beard

And a pink football beanie! This order actually was for a friend of my sisters. Her husband played football so they got this adorable beanie for their little girl. She also ordered a pink flower to go with it that is removable.

I have other orders I’m currently working on so I’ll hopefully get those posted before too long!