Half a Tandem

I’ve already earned enough money for over half a tandem bike! Woot woot!

I am currently working on a few orders, but finished a large one just recently so I’m dedicating this post to that.

Last Christmas I made my mother-in-law a crochet Nativity set and after posting about it I sold a few more to some family friends. Well, as I was thinking about what I could do for Christmas this coming year I decided I wanted to make a carrying case for the set that looked like a stable.

I tried to come up with a pattern on my own, and had a few failed attempts and then I came across a pattern in Crochet World Magazine. It worked out perfectly and I’ve already made several.

One of my good friends decided that it would be a perfect gift for her mother and mother-in-law as well so I’ve been busy finishing those up.

Here’s the case all closed up.

And here are some other pictures of it.

I’m glad that this project is finished so I won’t have to worry about it later. I can relax and enjoy the Christmas Season when it comes in its fullness!