A Crochet iPad Cover

So, my parents gave me an iPad for my birthday this past May. To tell you the truth it was my mom’s old iPad that she never used, and since we didn’t have the capability to “face time” with my parents they felt it was their grandparently duty to fix that problem.

I decided that mine needed a sweet little case to go in, especially during travel so this is what I came up with.

I tweaked this pattern from Tangled Happy.

After sending a picture to my family, my father responded that I should sell them. Jokingly I responded asking if he wanted one. He said yes.

We’re on his family cell phone plan (Because it’s EXTREMELY cheaper for us than having our own.) so he said that if I made him an iPad cover he would count it as our phone payment.

He wanted “Rasta” colors.

I even put linings in them! It was the first time I added a lining to any of my crochet projects, so that was fun.