Babies and Birthdays

Business has been slow lately. I’ve sold a few patterns here and there, but because of the summer months not too many people want to buy hats and such.

Thankfully I’ve had babies and birthdays that have kept me crocheting.

Both babies and birthdays are things that I love crocheting for. I love how adorable newborn hats are and how quickly they work up.

A friend of my just recently had a baby girl and so I made some hats. I found this really cute strawberry onesie on clearance at Target so I got that and made the strawberry hat to match.

I also found some really cute boy onesies at Target so I picked those up too because I know several people who are having little boys soon.

I made a monkey hat for my newest nephew, and had planned on giving him the accompanying onesie, but the day I gave them their present he was already wearing that exact one. So, my sis-in-law gave back the onesie so I could use it and then kept the hat.

I have two friends that are both due with boys in September (and they’re sister-in-laws) so I made them some cute hats to match the onesies I found.

Another one of my sister-in-laws is due in August with a little girl so I made her a cute little jacket. I found the pattern here. It worked up so quick and was so cute that I made another one and gave it to my friend who had her baby girl last month.

Aside from the babies, we attended a birthday party for my little guy’s best friend. I had seen this pattern recently and wanted to try and make it, but ended up just making a stuffed body instead.

And then I crocheted up some animals for him as well. I bought a Zoo Animal crochet book at Michaels that had the patterns for these guys plus more a bunch more animals.