Not only will I be searching for a “Pot O’ Gold” with my little Leprechaun in his St. Patty’s Day hat…

…but I’m also searching for a new cause.
I’ve been thinking about a couple different options, but nothing has stuck yet.
I would love to do something music therapy related, since that is what I went to school for, but I’d love to do something local too. And I’d also like to do something charity related in the town I grew up, since that’s where my roots are.
But I don’t really know what options are out there.
And I want to be passionate about it. If I’m going to be trying to raise money for something, I want my heart to be in it.
So, I’m hoping this is where YOU come in. I’m looking for options and I’d love to hear what you’ve got. It could be a specific cause or charity you are passionate about, or an idea you have, etc.
Just leave a comment or drop me an email.