Bicycle Built For Two

First off, thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on new causes. There were so many amazing options and it was so eye-opening to see the different possibilities.

I have finally figured out what my new “cause” is going to be. Actually, I am going to have a couple different “causes” going on at the same time.

The first is something I’ll refer to as a Crochet Hat Trick:

A hat trick is the achievement of a positive feat three times in a game. So, for every two hats I sell I will be donating a third to a foundation that collects handmade hats for people with cancer and other various illnesses.

The second is the cause I’ll be raising money for by selling crochet items: Burgon’s Bike

I recently saw an episode on BYUtv entitled, “Eye of the Beholder.” It’s about an 18 year-old who is both blind and deaf. Her name is Burgon Jensen. I was so inspired by her.

You can view the episode here. (It’s approximately 25 min long.)

There was also a fabulous article written about her in the Deseret News. But if you don’t have time to read it in its entirety, you should know that she lives her life to the fullest extent possible. Despite being deaf and blind she participates in horse back riding, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, playing the guitar, sculpting, and reading and writing. She also sang and danced in her high school’s musical production.”Live with no regrets” is her motto.

Below is a poem she wrote:

“Who Am I?

I’m known by most as the “Blind Girl,”
By others “The girl that can’t see.”
When I walk, I walk with the aid of a cane,
But that’s all people really know about me.
You may see me walking unnoticed somewhere
Or maybe just sitting alone
My courage is constantly tested,
And my flame of hope is frequently blown.
You may see me smiling at nothing,
And usually I don’t say a word,
But please don’t get the wrong impression,
Because this doesn’t mean I’m unheard,
I’m willing to speak to those who listen,
I’m willing to listen to those who speak,
I want to help those who stand in the shadows,
I want to give hope to the weak
I was sent here with eyes that couldn’t possibly judge
To teach people the meaning of the word sincere
Because in the end, what you see can often deceive you
And things aren’t always what they appear,
So now you know my story,
Why I’m called “The Blind Girl.”
By others “The girl that can’t see”
When I walk, I walk with the aid of a cane
But now you know so much more about me.
— Burgon Jensen

After watching the documentary on Burgon, and being so inspired by her zest for life, I started doing some research on ways I could donate to a cause relating to her.

I came across the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired (UFB). On their site they have a wish list of some items that they would love to have for their foundation. Tandem bikes was listed as one of these wish list items.

I love tandem bikes.

(Especially when I’m going up a hill and my hubby is on the front. Hills are so much easier on a tandem. And like I said, especially when my hubby is on the front.)

Tandem biking is such an enjoyable activity, and that is no different for the blind. It’s great exercise, and tandem racing is a paralympic sport. During the last day of one of their sports camps one of UFB’s tandem bikes was stolen. They’re hoping to be able to replace that one and are hoping to possibly get another as well. The price listed on the site was $600 each.

So, that’s my new cause.

I’m going to try and raise enough money for at least one tandem bike (possibly two) to donate to the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired. I’ll be calling it Burgon’s Bike.

Wish me luck!