And We’ve Done It!

Well, folks… we’ve done it!

I’ve reached my goal of raising $1,000 to donate to the hospital guest house! It’s a very surreal feeling.

I’ve been on the brink of hitting the mark for awhile now, but just needed to have the money go through for some of the orders people have requested.

Things have definitely slowed down in the vicinity of orders. Not that I mind or anything… gives me more time for reading and Sudoku during the evenings. And I still have a couple more big projects I’m working on.

One of those is to finish a load of Nativity sets. After I posted about the Nativity that I made for my mother-in-law, I had several people ask if I’d be willing to make them one. So, currently I’ve got 4 sets in the works, and supposedly 2 more to go.

This is what 4 Nativity Sets look like: (Only one set is finished.)

I also had a request for a beard hat. It came from my father and one of his friends.

Here’s my dad’s. He wanted a Rasta beanie with a light brown beard.

The wife of my dad’s friend actually wanted to order a baby beard hat as well, so here is a picture of both of them.

A logger style hat in Navy, and then a red beanie for the baby. Both beard were dark brown. I’m not sure how the baby beard is going to work… it was my first one. Every time I tried to try it on my little guy he would fidget and squirm.

Last month I received a request for a pair of stocking caps for some twins that were soon to make their appearance and get some newborn pictures. We went with the “Thing 1, Thing 2” Theme.

And I also got a request to make a “Police Box” hat. Any Dr. Who fans out there?

A big THANKS to all that have ordered something, donated, supported, or cheered me on! I’m so excited that I’ve finally made it.

Now on to the next big adventure.