Nearly There…

I have a couple more orders to share, and a lot of customs I’m working on.

It’s been quite a journey this past year as I’ve tried to reach my goal of $1,000, and I’m nearly there. I’m really hoping that everything will be set and ready by March. It’s my niece’s birthday on March 15th and I think it would be an appropriate birthday present to give the donated money to the guest house.

Of course I’ve got other birthday plans as well… but that’s another story.

It truly has been so amazing to see all of the miracles that have occurred within my family this last year, and especially in that little life. I admire my sister’s strength and her positive outlook and her never-ending faith. She rocks.

Their Christmas letter this year was entitled “A Year of Miracles,” and right at the beginning of the letter there is a quote that I love:

A miracle is an extraordinary event caused by the power of God. Miracles are an important element in the work of Jesus Christ (Guide to the Scriptures, 165).

I honestly believe that.

And I also believe that miracles can be large and small.

Take me for example… I think that it is a miracle that I have been able to do what I have with crocheting. I never would have thought I could create all that I have this past year. And that just continues!

For example, I crocheted my first diaper cover the other day. And it turned out so stinkin’ cute. See for your self:

This is an order from a photography friend from my college days. She ordered 2 diaper covers to match the two hats she ordered. The pink flower is removable so the hat can be used for boys or girls.

I really do enjoy making newborn things like this… things just seem to be cuter in miniature.

I also finished an adult sized newsboy hat that was auctioned off in a silent blog auction a friend did back in November.

I really like the button, and hope that the new owner does as well.

And I got this particular order back in October time-frame, but I had been waiting on colors for the owl hat. Finally got it done a couple weeks ago.

And that’s all I have for now, but once I get my other orders finished I’ll make sure to post about them…. because they are awesome. 🙂