Logger Hat

Over the Christmas holiday I made a Logger-style hat for my little guy as a stocking stuffer. I really like how it turned out, and it makes him look like a miniature lumber jack. Especially with his new plaid Christmas pj’s. I didn’t put any tassels on this hat originally, but added them later to tie the hat on when we’re out in cold.

This hat can be made in any color(s), and as pictured above either with a stripe pattern or a solid color. The front flap can be in any color desired, as well as the trim.

When ordering this hat please enter the following information into the required info box during checkout:

  1. Color(s) for hat, trip and front flap

(On the “Review your information” page directly underneath your shipping address it should say, “Type required info here” with a link to click that says “add.” This is where the info should be typed. If you cannot find this, please just send me an email with the info!)