Orders Galore

In this group of orders I’ve had some custom orders that have been really fun, and I’ve even sold more copies of my patterns. I’ll have to get my Christmas ones written up and on here soon.

To start off with, I had a fun order of two baseball caps that were identical except for size. This combo is going to a dad and his little guy to support their favorite team.

Then I got an order from some of our really good Air Force friends that needs to move back here. They left over the summer for a new station. They ordered a little Frosty hat for a friend’s upcoming arrival. Since it was for a little girl we added a cute little red bow on top. So darling.

And then I got another Christmas hat order from more of our really good friends. She’s got three boys, two of them twins, so the two Santa hats are for them and the Frosty is for their older brother. I can’t wait to see pictures!

The last post I did about orders I mentioned that I had a lot of penguin hat orders. One of those was for two penguins. It was a local order from a church friend. She ordered the hats for two of her nephews. When she came to pick them up and pay she donated extra money to my cause. I thought that was so awesome of her!

One of the custom orders that I received was from an Air Force friend that we met in Alabama while we were there for training last Spring. She recently had a little girl, so these two hats will be for her. A gingerbread girl, and then a custom made Teddy Bear hat.

My mom also ordered a hat. Funny huh!? She thought that my niece needed a turkey hat for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

And since it’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow I sent her some Candy Cane gloves for her little girl too.

And her husband ordered her a couple hats for her birthday as well… but since her birthday has not yet transpired… I cannot yet put up the pictures of those! It would totally spoil the fun of having them being a surprise.

I also recently mentioned that I’ve had a lot of opportunities to donate some of my hats for various charitable causes. Well, an order I received was from a family friend back when I was a wee little lass. Her church group is collecting hats to donate to young cancer patients, and she ordered two of my hats to donate. She said since she couldn’t make hats she might as well help out two awesome causes! She got a checkerboard beanie and then a Rasta slouch cap, but in the Texas Cowboys colors. She lives down around those parts where Cowboy fans can be found quite easily.

And ironic as it is, I had another custom order from one of my good friends from way back in Middle School for a Cowboys helmet-style beanie. Her husband is a huge Cowboys fan.

It’s pretty funny how I got a bunch of penguin orders at the same time, and then a couple of Cowboy orders at the same time… it’s always in groups.

Now, I’m really excited about this last order I’m going to talk about. It came from a family friend (actually a sister-in-law to the friend who ordered the two Santa hats and a Frosty) and she actually only ordered a penguin hat.

Well, her husband is this awesome songwriter and he has written several amazing shows as well. One of his most popular characters is called “Juanito Bandito.”

Here is a picture of him for reference.

Well, as I was perusing facebook one day I saw this awesome picture of a pumpkin someone had carved to look like Juanito Bandito.

It totally inspired me…

And so I crocheted me up a sweet Juanito Bandito figurine. And then sent it to them as a surprise.

It was SOOOO fun. And I love how he turned out. My little guy loved him as well.

Might have to make something similar for a Christmas present.

Speaking of Christmas… Happy Turkey Day this week! And then on to Christmas!