Getting Closer

I have had so much fun with the orders I’ve been getting lately. Especially most recently because I’ve had a couple custom orders! I’m getting closer and closer to the half-way point of my goal.

The Halloween hats have been selling very well, and someone who actually previously ordered a Whiskers hat ordered 3 more hats. Another Whiskers, a Jack, & a Mr. Bones, all adult size. I’m not sure who will get to wear all these hats, but I hope they all have fun!

Then after the previous order I received one for a 0-3 month size checkerboard beanie with a sunflower. So cute! My little guy has modeled his fair share of girly hats and this style was adorable on him.

Another one of my orders was one I have been secretly hoping for. When I first made my little guy his baseball style cap I thought it was so darn cool that I was sure everyone needed something like that.

For this particular order it two adult sized baseball caps. I wanted to keep them for myself. I had a friend that lived next door growing up and she ordered them. She’s currently in China with her husband so it’s the farthest order I’ve received… but I shipped it to her mom’s so she could send them in a package later on.

Then I got another Halloween hat order. When my hubby and I were going to school we lived in the married student housing and one of our friends that lived by us ordered these hats for her 3 little kiddos. She had ear flaps on all of them. I really love the look of the ear flaps.

And the last order that I’ve completed as of now was from one of my mom’s really good friends. She ordered one of the hats for her granddaughter out in NY and then another for one of her girls.

Her granddaughter gets this adorable shell-stitch hat and I actually had one made up in the size she needed already! It was perfect. (I’ve secretly modeled this one on my little guy too.)

And the one I made for her daughter was a custom order. It was a Bob Marley style rasta hat.
Here’s the top view:

And the side view:

I’m currently working on a couple other custom orders that are gonna be awesome. Just you wait.

Thanks again!