Almost Half Way There!

I could hardly believe it when I looked at the total of how much money I’ve raised so far. I thought that I had raised around $200 or so, but I’ve got over $300! Not a ton, but it was over $100 more than I thought, so I was pretty stoked.

I was planning on posting about the orders each time I raised $100, but I’m already behind on that. So for this post we’re covering from $100-$200 and from $200-$300.

First off, I got an order from a good friend for a pair of darling ballet flats. She chose blue with an accent of yellow. I thought they turned out so adorable.

The next order was quite a big one, but I was so excited to do it, because it was for my sister! She ordered a bunch of hats for her darling little girl who is the inspiration of this blog.

Another family order came from my Aunt. She has two girls that were the recipients of these sweet Halloween hats. My hubby and I had fun guessing who was getting which hat.

Although the Halloween hats have totally taken off, I did get an order from a friend back in UT for an Owl hat. I loved the colors she chose and had so much fun making something so girly and cute.

I’ll be honest for a second… I LOVE making baby sized hats. For one, they work up quick so I feel like I’ve accomplished something amazing in a little period of time, and second, everything is cuter in miniature. I’ve really come to realize this as I’ve been spending so much time with my little guy. Chunky thighs are cuter in miniature, chubby bellies, clothes, toothless grins, shoes… the list goes on.

With that said, I do enjoy getting adult size orders. I like to pretend I’m making it for me. 🙂

I got an order for an adult size Whiskers hat from a family friend from back when we lived in Albuquerque! What is even better, when I told my mom what hat our friend had ordered her response was, “Oh, she LOVES cats!” I thought it was just perfect!

The next order I received was another from one of my friends that has ordered a couple of things already. She’s my most loyal customer. 🙂 This time around she ordered 2 pairs of little shoes. It was the perfect General Conference activity. I stayed awake and alert the whole time.

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. The little green loafers were killin’ me the whole time! I wanted to keep them.

Not only is she a loyal customer, but her family too. Her sister has ordered an Owl hat before and her mom placed an order for 3 Halloween hats. I really enjoyed making these because I got to add some ear flaps on them. I think they turned out so cool.

And the last order that got me up to $300 was from another family friend back home. She order a couple Halloween hats for her sweet grand-babies. I was really excited that the Frankie hat was a 6-12 mo. size because then I could secretly try it on my little guy. So stinkin’ cute.

I’ve still got a couple orders I’m working on, but that is all for now!

THANK YOU so much to everyone that has ordered! Not only have you helped me raise money for a good cause, you’ve kept me occupied when I could have been loosing my mind. 🙂