Penguin Hat


The Penguin Hat is one of my favorite hats. It’s fun to make, and looks amazing on any size of head. You can customize your Penguin hat by style and with add-ons.

  • Linus= Plain Black Penguin
  • Lucy (Black)= Black Penguin with red bow and eye lashes
  • Lucy (Gray)= Gray Penguin with white pom pom and eye lashes

If you want something a little different than what’s available just let me know in the text box what you want. A flower? A pom pom on Lucy (Black)? You can customize it just the way you want.



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The Penguin Hat can be customized by color. A flower, bow, or pom pom can be added if desired.

Size: 0-3 month through Adult (M)

Materials: 100% acrylic yarn

Every hat is made to order. When I receive your order I will contact you to make sure you get exactly what you want. I will contact you again when your order has been completed and is ready to ship.


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