Here you will find links to the original sites where I found the patterns for most of my items. I thought a list might be nice.

Just trying to give credit to all those amazing crocheters out there. Happy perusing!

Baseball Cap- personal design
Beard Hat- personal design
Christmas Hats
     Candy Cane
     Christmas Tree- personal design
     Frosty- personal design
     Gingerbread Man (Or Girl)- personal design
     Holiday Brain Waves
     Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer- personal design
     Clarice the Doe- personal design
     Santa- pattern adapted from purchased pattern
Classic Beanie
Cluster Stitch Hat
Double Pom Pom Hat- personal design
Halloween Hats
     Mr. Bones - personal design
     Jack - personal design
     Whiskers - personal design
     Candy Corn - pattern adjusted by color
     Mr. Boo - personal design
     The Web - personal design
     Frankie - personal design
Hunger Games Hats- personal designs
Logger Hat- personal design
Monkey Hat- pattern for ears
Neapolitan Hat- personal design
Newsboy Cap
Owl Hat- personal design
Peek-a-boo Beanie- personal design
Penguin Hat - personal design
Pop A Color Hat- this pattern was purchased
Shell Stitch Hat
Slouch Cap- personal design
Sports Fan Hats- personal designs
St. Patty's Day Hat- this pattern was purchased
Star Stitch Beanie
Stocking Cap- personal design
Stripe Beanie- personal design
Sun-Ray Slouch Cap- pattern adapted from here
Teddy Bear Hat- personal designs
Thanksgiving Hats
     Tom the Turkey - personal design
     Terry the Turkey - personal design
     Pumpkin - personal design (refer to "Jack" under Halloween Hats)
V-Stitch Hat
Viking Hat- this pattern was purchased

Croco Flower
Double Flower- same link as V-stitch hat
Large Rose
Layered Flower (2 & 3 Layers)- found on YouTube
Medium Rose- same pattern as Large Rose, just minus a row.
Posies (5 or 6 petal)
Puff Stitch Flower
Small Rose
Sunflower- pattern adjusted for a smaller size
Three Tier Flower- for different sizes use different size hooks

Ballet Flats- this pattern was purchased
Granny Square Baby Booties - this pattern was purchased
Little Loafers 
Lizzie Slippers
Jess Flats - this pattern was purchased (She has them listed on Ravelry & Etsy)
Mary Janes (Baby)
Mary Janes (Adult)
Warm Winter Booties - this pattern was purchased

Some Favorite Sites for Free Patterns
Alli Crafts
Crochet Geek
Crochet Dreamz
Crochet for Free
Crochet Pattern Central
Crochet Spot
Tangled Happy
The Daily Crocheter
The Worsted Crochet Blog