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Babies and Birthdays

Business has been slow lately. I’ve sold a few patterns here and there, but because of the summer months not too many people want to buy hats and such. Thankfully I’ve had babies and birthdays that have kept me crocheting. Both babies and birthdays are things that I love crocheting for. I love how adorable […]

Recent Crochet Projects

 I wanted to share some of the hats I have recently made. The first is called the Diamond Ridges hat. I found this pattern on Ravelry and started to attempt it last year, but got confused so I put it aside. I came back to it just recently and conquered the pattern. Once I made […]

The Worsted Crochet Blog

One of my fellow crocheters has recently started up a crocheting blog with one of her friends. It’s called: They are currently trying to build their fan base and have a goal of reaching 50 followers by the end of the year. They plan on doing an awesome giveaway once they reach that goal so […]