Tis the *Hat* Season

It’s definitely hat season, and I have had so many fun orders come in lately.

This first order came from a college friend. Her little boy is dressing up as Scooby Doo for Halloween. This hat turned out way better than I was hoping it would.

A friend of mine had a baby boy semi-recently and had me make her a “Big Blue” mascot hat. Her little guy wore it to a football game and showed it off. I then received an order from a friend of my friend. He wanted a hat for himself and also for his little girl. To “girlify” it, I added eyelashes and a cute pink bow.

 Another order I received was a Halloween request from my sister’s friend. Her little boy is dressing up as Papa Smurf for Halloween, so I made a hat for him to top off the costume.

Pattern found HERE

 My sister was recently here for a visit, and after seeing the previous order of Big Blue hats I was working on requested a couple hats for her kids. This time we added pink to the tassels on the “girl” one.

 This next order came from my friend’s older sister who I have had the chance to get to know a little better recently. Her little boy is really into The Very Hungry Caterpillar right now so she ordered a hat for him.

 This next order was a partial custom order. It included a “Mr. Bones” hat along with a Dino hat. I had never made a dino hat before and it turned out super cool. My little guy thought it was awesome.

Pattern for Dino Spikes found HERE

 And here is an order from someone down under in Australia. She is getting ready for Christmas early!

This last order was from one of my best friends up in AK. Her two kiddos are dressing up as monsters for Halloween and for the 3rd year in a row I got to make the Halloween hats. They turned out so stinkin’ cute and I can’t wait to see pictures of their entire ensembles. I also can’t wait till I get to see them!