New Pattern Release

I now have 5 of my Halloween Hat patterns for sale!

Frankie Hat

Pumpkin/Jack Hat

Mr. Bones Hat

Mr. Boo Hat

The Web Hat

I do have free instructions for these posted on my website, but only one size per hat. I've had several requests for the patterns including all sizes, so I thought I would oblige. I've also updated some of the patterns (such as the Pumpkin/Jack Hat).

The sizes are 0-3mo. through Adult, and the patterns include instructions for earflaps.

You can purchase the patterns here!


Basketweave Baby Blanket

I have a little guy due at the end of September, so I have several projects in the works for him.

One of which is a baby blanket.

I typically stay away from afghans or blankets, and other large crochet items because it takes so long, but when I saw this pattern I really wanted to make it.

I've used about 3 skeins so far, and I think about 2 more should do it. More than half way there! I'll be posting pictures once it's done and of course with its new owner too when he makes his debut!


Playin' Hooky Designs Massive Giveaway

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There is a massive giveaway going on over at Playin' Hooky Designs on facebook. There are all kinds of awesome things up for grabs. Patterns, hats, spa kits, yarn...

You should definitely check it out! Gotta love some free stuff. Just click the link above.


Little Sweaters

I mentioned in my previous post that I had made these awesome little sweaters.
 They were so fun to make and worked up quickly too. I'm always a fan of projects that I can finish fast.

I found this pattern from the blog Yarny Days. The sweater is called Bombay Love.

On the pink sweater I crocheted a little button, and on the green one I used an actual button. Although both worked great, I like the look of the actual button.

Also I don't knit... at least yet. So when it came time to make an I-cord I came up with a crochet version.

I started with a chain. (I don't remember exactly how many I started with.) Once I had the length I wanted I simply slip-stitched all the way back to the beginning of the chain. And voila! A crochet cord.

One other thing I wanted to mention was how many rows I ended up doing.
  • I repeated Row 2 of the pattern 7 times. 
  • At the end I had a total of 16 rows.
Hopefully this info will help. The sweaters turned out to be the perfect size for a newborn!