Searching Once Again

I have raised over $1,200 that I am planning on donating to the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The original plan was to donate the money so they could purchase tandem bikes, but they no longer need funds for that. I’m still planning on donating the money to UFB, but it isn’t going towards anything specific… unless they want more tandem bikes. (You can never have to many tandem bikes!)

Well, with the accomplishment of raising the $1,200 I am now looking for a new cause to donate towards. I know that there are LOADS of options out there. Especially right now, since it is the holiday season. I already have extra funds that I can donate to something more immediate, but I would like a long term cause as well since I’m raising money by selling hats and such.

So, once again, I am asking for suggestions, ideas, desires…etc. Please leave a comment or drop me an email! Thank you in advance!

And since no post is complete without pictures…

Here are the most recent orders that I’ve completed:
(I realized as I uploaded these pictures that it has been awhile since I’ve posted… my bad.)

Rudolph and Santa
Newborn Ballet Flats
Teddy Bear for a friends new baby boy
Back of the bear… they call their little guy “T-Bear”
A Hedwig the Owl hat for one of my good friends up here in AK. Her youngest boy (at the time…she now has a new little one) was Hedwig for Halloween.
A Penguin hat and a newborn “Hedwig” hat. These hats went to the sister-in-law of the previous order.
Tom the Turkey
Jack the Pumpkin
Candy corn hat and Frankie
Black Peek-a-boo hat with an assortment of attachable flowers
Penguin hats. This order was for one of my really good friends. She has a little boy the same age as my first and a little girl a couple months older than my second. They were penguins for Halloween. They were adorable! I contemplated making my boys penguins for Halloween too…
Two turkeys and a Rudolph
An Owl hat for my niece Addie! She is the inspiration for this blog, and she is a doll in her new owl hat!
Frosty, Rudolph, Tom, and an Old School Football helmet supporting the Atlanta Falcons
Toddler slouch cap and a newborn shell-stitch hat in black with a fuschia flower
An extremely massive order for Christmas hats…. just fyi… I am no longer accepting large orders like this. Sorry!
A gaggle of Turkeys for Thanksgiving! All adult size, mind you. Whomever will be wearing these is going to have a fun time celebrating Thanksgiving!
Tom and Terry

And that’s a wrap…