Archive / February, 2012

Bicycle Built For Two

First off, thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on new causes. There were so many amazing options and it was so eye-opening to see the different possibilities. I have finally figured out what my new “cause” is going to be. Actually, I am going to have a couple different “causes” going on at […]


Not only will I be searching for a “Pot O’ Gold” with my little Leprechaun in his St. Patty’s Day hat… …but I’m also searching for a new cause. I’ve been thinking about a couple different options, but nothing has stuck yet. I would love to do something music therapy related, since that is what […]

And We’ve Done It!

Well, folks… we’ve done it! I’ve reached my goal of raising $1,000 to donate to the hospital guest house! It’s a very surreal feeling. I’ve been on the brink of hitting the mark for awhile now, but just needed to have the money go through for some of the orders people have requested. Things have […]

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