1 more 10th To Go!

Do you remember when I posted this?

It was right at the beginning of my journey to raise $1,000 to donate to a hospital guest house.

I really wish I could post pictures of the awesome hats I’ve recently completed for Christmas present orders, but I don’t want to risk someone seeing that shouldn’t. Maybe I’ll write it up and schedule it to post on Christmas Morning. 🙂

I did, however, want to take a moment and thank all who have purchased items from me, or even donated money out of the goodness of your heart. I had a $40 donation just a couple weeks ago that made my heart so happy.

I’m hoping that I’ll have reached my goal by the time I make it down to visit my family sometime in the near future. At least I hope it’s in the near future. I don’t know if I can stand to wait much longer before I get to see them all again. Too bad plane tickets are mighty expensive.

Well, whenever I get down there I’m planning on taking the donation money with me and giving it to the guest house. I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this. Just give them cash? Or a little back story with pictures of the hats I’ve made? Ideas are all welcome.

As are donations 😉

And even though I’m not sharing any photos of my recent orders just yet, I did want to share just a few of my favorite pictures people have sent me…

And here’s my inspiration for all of this! Such a doll!

And because she’s just too cute, here’s another of her.

She’s at the hospital in this picture, but I’m so glad that it’s because she was visiting Grandpa after his total knee surgery.

Once again, THANK YOU everyone who has supported me either by
kind words, purchases, donations, etc. You all Rock my world.