Over the Halfway Mark

Well, I guess it’s official.

I am over halfway to my goal of raising $1,000. Woot, woot!

I’ve sold a couple copies of my Turkey and Penguin patterns. Those orders are pretty easy to fill. 🙂

To get started, I received an order from one of my awesome Music Therapy friends. She ordered a little pumpkin patch for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It was fun to see all of the hats together.

And then I received an order from one of my older sisters really good friends (I count her as my friend too). We played soccer together back in High School and she was my favorite senior. Well, she recently had a little girl and so she ordered her an adorable newsboy hat. Before I added the button, I tried it on my little guy and I was so smitten.

Then the friend who previously ordered the USU baseball cap ordered another hat for her new nephew. She had me send it out to them with a message that said “Welcome to the Family!” I thought that was so neat.

I’ve received a few local orders which is pretty cool. This particular order came from a lady who is in my ward for church. Just in time for the cold, snowy weather, she ordered a penguin hat for her youngest and a newsboy for herself. I really like the dark navy hat with the white and yellow daisy.

And the penguin hats have been a hit. Besides from the above order I’ve received three other orders that include penguin hats. I took a picture of all the penguins together because there were so many.

And here’s a little trivia for you today: What is a group of penguins called?

My hubby and I were wondering so we looked it up. It’s called a rookery of penguins. And some of our other favorites were a “smack of jellyfish” and a “murder of crows.”

Aside from orders I been receiving several opportunities to help others out with their charitable causes as well.

I donated a bunch of hats for my husband’s work booster club. They had a silent auction during their annual chili cook-off. They earned over $600 with all of their donated goods.

And then I’ve also been able to donate some hats that will be at the Festival of Trees. My friend’s sister is a volunteer and has a booth to raise money for Primary Children’s Hospital. Since I love that place and the wonderful miracles that are performed there daily I was all about helping her out with her cause.

And one other opportunity that I have been given is through another friend of mine who’s trying to raise some money for a former student. His mother recently passed away and the family had to take out a loan to pay for the funeral services, and didn’t have enough for a headstone, so she’s going to be auctioning off all sorts of things to help raise money. I’m not sure which hats she’s planning on auctioning, but a couple will be going for that.

I love all the different causes that people are so passionate about. It really helps me stay motivated to reach my goal. Hopefully I’ll be able to deliver the money to the guest house around Christmas time when I’m down visiting family. We’ll see if I can make it by then!

And stayed tuned for more of the orders I’ve received, because I have some really sweet ones with some awesome surprises involved. 🙂