A Time to Be Thankful

After making Halloween-themed hats I knew I had to make at least a couple for Thanksgiving. I really love how the turkey’s turned out, and figured a pumpkin sans the jack-o-lantern face would be a perfect fall/Thanksgiving hat as well.

I’m planning on making up some Christmas hats as well. My main problem with that one is that there are SOOO many options. I just have to choose some of my favorite ideas and go with those so I don’t kill over. If you’ve got some suggestions of what you’d like to see for Christmas let me know!

Here is the Thanksgiving line-up:

Terry the Turkey
Tom the Turkey

If you don’t want ear flaps on the hats just specify that when you order,
otherwise they will come with ear-flaps.

Also if you have a special request…
just drop me a line and I’ll let you know what I can do!