More Awesome Orders

The last group of orders that I’ve had have been so much fun to make. I’ve had a couple custom orders in this bunch, so it’s been fun to experiment a bit.

The custom orders started with this awesome Penguin hat. A friend of mine from High School has a niece that LOVES penguins. I wanted to eventually make one of these, but hadn’t yet, so this was the perfect thing to get me going on it. My friend ordered an owl hat to go with the penguin, because her other niece loves owls. I really like the color combo of this owl. It turned out so good.

Then I got another order from a family friend who has ordered a couple other hats. One of them was for her grand daughter and the other for one of her daughters. This hat was for another one of her daughters. It’s for Christmas! What a fun gift idea.

The next order was baseball cap, but for a little guy! I met his mom when we were living in the married student housing during college. He is going to be a great Aggie supporter.

I’ve recently made one other baseball cap, but this wasn’t an “order.” I had told my younger brother I was going to make him a hat back when we visited during the summer. I felt guilty I hadn’t finished it. I LOVE how it turned out. I know I say that about basically every hat, but this one was awesome. I hope he likes it.

Also, recently I attended a baby shower for a friend up here due with her fourth boy! I had so much fun putting together this little gift for her. I hope she liked it!

This next order was another custom. When I was making the Halloween hats I really wanted to do a one-eyed monster, but I already had 7 other hats, so I didn’t. One of my little guys “best friends” is going to be a monster for Halloween, so his mom had me make him a hat! It fulfilled my desire!

She also got two other ear flap hats. I made one awhile back for her son and she said it is the only hat he’ll wear, so they got another, and also one for his cousin.

The last order I’ve received so far was for these awesome Thanksgiving hats. And they are so adorable on him! A friend from our ward up here got them for her youngest.

I’m currently working on some Christmas hats, and other Christmas projects. I’m already getting into the Christmas spirit! That might partially be because my hubby decides at random times to turn on Christmas music.

Happy Holidays!