Both Sides of the Family

A couple weeks ago one of my husband’s grandmas passed away.

She and Grandpa had recently moved across the country from North Carolina to live with my in-laws due to health reasons.

I was actually in town when she took a turn for the worse, but I was with my family. She was admitted to the local hospital with heart problems, and then a day later was transferred down to a hospital that offers a nationally ranked Heart and Vascular Institute.

This hospital also offers top notch care in their Newborn ICU, which just happens to be the place where my little niece spent the first month of her life.

When talking with my mother-in-law about the situation, I reminded her about the guest house that my sister had stayed at while her baby girl was in the NICU. We all weren’t sure how long Grandma was going to be in the hospital, but I suggested that they could look into that if they needed a place to stay.

It ended up being a wonderful blessing to my mother-in-law and my father-in-law, and even Grandpa got to go down to be with his sweet wife before she passed.

Here is a picture of Grandpa, me, my little man, and one of my awesome nephews.

This was taken after Grandma had been transferred to the other hospital, but before he got to go down to see her. We were trying to keep him company. I can’t even imagine what thoughts and concern he was feeling at that time.

So, my purpose and desire to raise money and donate to the guest house is two-fold now.

It was a blessing to my family…

And it was a blessing to my husband’s family.