Key Chain Fundraiser

I recently updated "My Cause" and mentioned that Forrest's mother, Josie, is working on setting up a website called HemoHelper.com.
*The mission of HemoHelper is to provide information, support, and products to those affected by bleeding disorders.
*Their main focus is to be an approachable source of support, tips, and hemo-friendly products for families and individuals affected by bleeding disorders. They hope to provide positive change and bring aid to the hemophilia community in developing countries. They have already completed a trip to Guatemala (06/2014).
Currently I have just under $1,000 raised to contribute to Josie's new site. I have a plan to help boost that even more so we can really help the Kelly's get their dream in motion.

I have 250 of these awesome little key chains.
We are selling them for $2.00 a piece.

Absolutely 100% of the cost will go straight to the Kellys.

A "Fighting For Forrest" key chain is a great way to show your support not only for Forrest and his family and friends, but for the whole Hemophilia community as well.

Also, with all regular orders placed through "A Chick w/ Sticks," you will receive a complimentary key chain as a personal thank you for helping us even more! (*Only available while supplies last)

Just click the button below and your "Fighting For Forrest" key chain will be hanging from your keys in no time.


BIG News and an Update

Wow! Can you believe it is already July?

Well, I have some big news...
Back in March we found out that my husband's next duty station with the Air Force is in Germany! We are EXTREMELY excited for this new chapter of our lives. My husband will return from his short tour in Honduras at the end of August and a little less than 2 weeks later we will be on our way to Germany.

This means that I will be "closing up shop" for awhile. Probably about mid-August until October? I'm not exactly sure how long it will take till I feel like my feet are back on the ground, so I can't promise anything.

My patterns will still be available for sale on Craftsy and Ravelry. And if you really need a hat or something you can send me an email, and if I have the time and materials I would gladly take on a project.

Also, since I'll be living overseas for awhile I will no longer offer FREE shipping. Depending on our mail situation in Germany there will hopefully only be a small shipping fee.

As far as updates go, I have updated the "My Cause" page. Along with that, my site may be moving from blogger over to wordpress so I can have more of a "shop" feel while still having the ability to blog. The URL will still remain the same. I will post a notice before that happens.

I've had plenty of orders since I last posted so hopefully I'll be able to document those before life gets too hectic at the end of the summer.

Until that time, I wanted to say THANK YOU again to everyone who has supported me, be it through kind words, an order, or spreading the word.


Fighting For Forrest

Meet Forrest Kelly.
He's adorable, right?

He belongs to a friend of mine, and although he is exceptionally adorable, it is not the only unique thing about him.

After his first week of life it was evident that something was wrong. He was bleeding excessively from shots, his circumcision, and his umbilical stump. In the first months of his life he developed hematomas, spontaneous bleeds, and deep spontaneous bruising.

When he was just 5 months old, he was diagnosed with Hypofibrinogenemia, which is a Factor I deficiency. It's very similar to Hemophilia, but more rare. It means that he has extremely thin blood (as thin as is medically possible to detect) and he is unable to clot. This condition can cause deadly internal bleeds, joint disfiguration, nerve damage, and crippling arthritis.

Can you imagine having to constantly worry about all of that on top of the normal motherly things?

But the Kellys are optimistic! They are hoping for a cure. Scientists believe the answer lies in gene therapy, by repair or replacement of the faulty gene. This could mean taking genes with the correct directions for making the needed factor and inserting them into the cells of a person with hemophilia.

Thankfully, Forrest has been able to have fantastic medical care and has a great support group.

I have been touched by Forrest's story and have chosen to raise money through "A Chick w/ Sticks" to help fund research in order to find a cure, and to help other children that have also been diagnosed with this same bleeding disorder.

Josie Kelly (Forrest's mother) has plans to start a Foundation and help create better awareness for those with bleeding disorders. I will make sure to share that information when it is forthcoming.

Until then, please join me here on my ACWS blog as I document my progress and experiences.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my efforts so far!